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Comfortable, Stylish and Antimicrobial – Our Modern New Clothes Blur the Line of Workwear and Everyday Wear

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Comfortable, athletic, and safe. Three small words can make a huge impact on your daily life. Urban Health Wear presents antimicrobial street-smart clothes made to last in the twists and turns of the day-to-day living.

Urban Health Wear brings to life a collection of safe street-smart clothes fit for the working environment and beyond.

“Our clothes are designed to make you feel better, empowered, and ready to take on the day. We challenge conventional design and transform top quality materials into clothing that challenges athletic wear in quality. That’s why our clothes are highly functional as well as visually pleasing”, says Taina Steiner, Founder and Production Design Director of Medanta. 

The top-quality antimicrobial fabrics and well-fitted designs can usually be seen in professional working environments, such as the healthcare industry. However, the line between workwear and street-smart clothes is blurring: we bring the best of workwear world to everyday life.

“With our clothes, there’s no way to tell whether you’re wearing a piece of a professional uniform or simply comfortable and nice-looking joggers. The clothes perform well in any occasion, because we design every piece of clothing with care and attention to detail.”

Safe and sustainable quality

Medanta’s experience and knowledge of designing and making safe and comfortable professional workwear is now translated into street-smart casualwear. All the clothes are made of antimicrobial materials, which makes them safe to wear. The materials are resistant to dirt, oil, bacteria and body odors, such as sweat.

“Collaborating with companies and professionals with extremely high standards has led to creating fabrics that are durable, elastic and comfortable to wear. Our fabrics last years in continuous and strenuous use and won’t fade and look worn out even after repeated washing”, Steiner says.

High quality fabrics last for years, making the clothes a sustainable choice. Trailblazing in sustainability is nothing new to Medanta. In addition to using BCI-certified sustainably produced cotton, all Medanta production sites are both Öko-Tex and ISO certified, therefore abiding to international regulations of e.g. quality and environmental management.

“Our processes are sustainable and transparent. We use no chemicals, dye or heavy metals harmful to the environment. The textile industry is known for green stories: there’s lots of talk and little action, but we must be the drivers of change.”

“When you truly enjoy wearing your clothes, it feels like you can take on anything the day will bring along. Like that, it’ll be a good day no matter what.”