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Urban Health Wear

The safety and convenience of high demanding workwear — in your everyday clothes. 

People who work in healthcare — nurses, doctors, dentists, you name it — require clothes that don’t easily get contaminated, and that keep them (and others around them) as safe and hygienic as possible. At the same time, healthcare professionals need to be able to move freely and conveniently. The clothes have to feel good, without compromise.

These are the cornerstones of our workwear business, Medanta. Our innovations in antimicrobial treatment and nano-textiles, combined with our own super practical and sustainably made fabrics, have allowed us to set a new standard for workwear.

At the same time, during our 12 years in business, we’ve never sacrificed on style. Designing beautiful clothes has always been part of who we are, and not simply an afterthought. That’s definitely setting us apart in an old-fashioned business.

However, we think that our everyday life could greatly benefit from the features in our workwear. The same combination of style, safety, and usability can be equally important outside of work too.

We brought style into workwear. With Urban Health Wear, it’s time to bring safety and usability into your personal wardrobe.

Our first product is the Urban Face Mask, and you can read more about it (and buy a 5 pack) here.

We expect to expand our clothing line soon, so sign up below and we’ll email you when we launch new garments — plus you’ll also get a 5€ discount code for your first purchase. Use it toward the masks, or save it for the upcoming clothes.

Questions? Check out the FAQ section on the mask page, or simply email us at